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Request for extradition of Marcelo Balcedo

Friday 21 December 2018
Information for the Press N°: 

Today, through the Argentine Embassy in Montevideo, the Argentine Foreign Ministry filed a series of written submissions before Uruguayan courts within the context of the request for extradition of Marcelo Balcedo and the parallel investigation by the Prosecutor's Office of Maldonado.

The goal of both submissions is to ensure that property that may have been illegally obtained by Marcelo Balcedo and Paola Marina Fiege, as a result of criminal activities committed in Argentina, be duly returned within the framework of the international agreements in force between Argentina and Uruguay.  This request was filed by Argentina's competent judicial authorities, with a view to repairing the damage suffered by numerous victims of the alleged crimes.

Furthermore, the Argentine Foreign Ministry, through local attorneys hired for this purpose, filed an appeal against the court ruling issued today, granting house arrest to the defendant.


Press Release No. 513/18

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