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On the situation in Venezuela: 10 January / Press Release from the Argentine Government

Thursday 10 January 2019
Information for the Press N°: 

The Argentine Government does not recognize the legitimacy of Nicolas Maduro's taking of office, which stems from the elections on 20 May 2018 whose legitimacy was also not recognized by the Argentine Republic.

The Argentine Republic not only condemns the interruption of the constitutional order and the rule of law in Venezuela, but also ratifies its full support for the National Assembly as the only democratically elected institution in Venezuela.

Today, the Argentine Government informed the Government of Venezuela of the suspension of the mutual Agreement on Visa Waiver for Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports, banning the entry of high-rank officials from Venezuela's regime to Argentina.

The Financial Information Unit (UIF) will issue an alert for the financial and banking sectors on the risks of conducting business with public or state-owned companies in Venezuela.

The Argentine Republic will continue to denounce all violations of human rights and condemn the interruption of democratic order in Venezuela, as has been the case since President Mauricio Macri took office.

In this regard, the Argentine Government submitted a request for the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, together with other countries, to open an investigation into the alleged crimes against humanity in Venezuela and supported the suspension of Venezuela from MERCOSUR under the Protocol of Ushuaia on Democratic Commitment.

Within the context of the Organization of American States, Argentina supports the need to apply the Inter-American Democratic Charter to Venezuela.

At the bilateral level, the Argentine Representation in Caracas has only had a Chargé d'Affaires since October 2015 and trade negotiations and political dialogue mechanisms have been suspended.

The Argentine Embassy to Venezuela will continue working to provide Argentine citizens in Venezuela with assistance, defending the interests of Argentine companies and maintaining contact with democratic organizations and movements which consult Argentina.

It is especially woth noting that Argentina has received with open arms over 130,000 Venezuelan migrants and refugees escaping from the political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, reciprocating Venezuela's support for Argentine exiles during the last military dictatorship.

Press Release No. 005/19

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