Damage Assessment and Critical Infrastructure Needs Analysis Mission to the Commonwealth of Dominica

The White Helmets Commission, within the framework of the OAS Program, developed a mission to assess damage and analyze infrastructure needs in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The team consisted of volunteers from White Helmets engineers, Mateo Bauza hydraulic engineer from ORSEP, Engineer Agustin Bertero, specialist in resistant seismic structures, and engineer Mariano Balbi. From the Staff of the White Helmets Commission, Mr. Martín Torres served as operational coordinator along with the head of Risk Management and Adaptation to Climate Change of the OAS, Mr. Pablo Gonzalez.

The mission took place from December 6 to 16. The team made visits to the places where drinking water is collected, transported, treated, and distributed. The impacts and damages suffered by the system were evaluated. A devolution meeting was held to review observations and recommendations, and a commitment was made to submit an evaluation report with recommendations to the country's authorities and to the DOWASCO authorities.