Humanitarian Mission in Mangundze to Strengthen Local Food Self-Production Capacities

The White Helmets Commission of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a mission in the community of Mangundze, province of Gaza in Mozambique, with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of local capacities for food self-production.

Agriculture is Mozambique's main economic activity: 80% of the population depends on small-scale agriculture with very low profitability. In this context, the passage of El Niño phenomenon through Mozambique left 2 million people in urgent need. Faced with this situation, and in response to the request made by of Missäo Säo Benedito de Mangundze Officer; Juan Gabriel Arias, White Helmets, in coordination with the government of the African country, developed a humanitarian assistance mission.

From August 26 to September 24, the White Helmets volunteer, Agronomist Julio Luconi, provided support to the rural population in agricultural management for self-consumption, through the exchange of experiences, training, field visits, advice and cooperation in the search for improvements or solutions to identified problems.

The development of the assistance consisted in the training of technicians from the different communities and in the creation of farms for the realization of practices to incorporate or improve agricultural techniques.