White Helmets Was Part of U.S. Humanitarian Mission to Help Venezuelan Migrants

The Argentine Republic, through the White Helmets Commission, took part in a humanitarian initiative led by the United States through the hospital ship USNS COMFORT, which provided health assistance between 10 October and 18 December 2018 in the ports of Esmeraldas (Ecuador), Paita (Peru), Turbo and Riohacha (Colombia) and Puerto Castilla (Honduras).

The mission was designed with the aim of relieving pressure on medical systems of nations receiving Venezuelan migrants, who escape from the humanitarian crisis that hits the country. The Hospital Ship passed through the five ports with a total of 26,701 patients treated and 599 surgeries performed (4,005 in Esmeraldas, 6,229 in Paita, 5,450 in Turbo, 4,943 in Riohacha and 5,475 in Puerto Castilla).

White Helmets Commission contributed by providing a volunteer corps of health personnel with extensive experience and technical qualifications. A total of 13 health professionals participated.

Ambassador Alejandro Daneri, White Helmets President, who was in the city of Norfolk, said: " Humanitarianism and caring is in the soul of White Helmets; and the spirit of our volunteers is what mobilizes us towards this task continuously. Today we are working on behalf of Venezuelan migrants, collaborating with the United States to alleviate the needs that migrants are going through.